Now the following has happened to me quite a few times with different codes. Latest code I've tried is 2.1. APM is version 1:

I'm hovering in stable mode. In flight, the quad just tips over and crashes. After that, one of the motors is squeaking loudly without rotating.

Moreover, the arducopter does not respond to any stick movements. The leds are on, but I'm unable to disarm it. I need to disconnect and reconnect the battery to get it responding again.

Any ideas? Faulty APM?

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So should we all change the PPM firmware? 

My personal view is, 'yes' for heli users.  I can't remember what version of the ppm hardware is going out from 3drobotics in the current boards but i'll double check.  For me, I never saw the problem on my quad..I think it's just much less likely in situations where you don't have tons of servos hanging around causing quivers in the power supply...but clearly it was the cause in this case.

No, I have to use a BEC, because if I use one of the BEC in one of the ESC, I power the APM from the same battery as the motors.

I wanted to power the motors and the APM from two separate batteries.

....hmmmm..... I am not sure you want it back until we find out why this APM needs to be powered by a separate battery while others don't....

I hope to find out before I lift my Hexa.

... but I am not unwilling to discus the price a second time when we meet at the flying field :-)

There was one other thing I forgot to mention in my update.... I do not know if it matters. But I discovered that one of the components on the GPS-adapter was missing. So I removed the GPS before the indoor session yesterday. New adapter-board is purchased from the store.

Is there any interest if I try to see what happens if I mount it and fly in stabilize mode only with the missing resistor/capasitor?

Just joking -- I'm busy with my new helicopter ;-)

I know ;-)

@Jahn Otto

I am still wondering why this APM needs a second battery while others can run from the BEC in one of the ESCs....

Did the quad flip over surprisingly when it was new, or was this behavior something that developed over time?


It's always been a little dodgy. I blamed the first crashes on loose propeller adapters and poor motor connectors, but it may have been the same problem since day 1.

Hi - I know the thread i old, but I thought I cold give a final note on what the problem was.

I am sorry I did not write this earlier but I saw some posts about twitching in another thread and so I remembered to update this old thread.

By powering the quad with a CC Bec Pro, it seems I only fixed the symptoms and not the real issue.

After installing the CC Bec Pro the quad started to fly nice, but after some time I saw some twitching behavour in both roll and pitch. But I have configured the quad in X and so there were always two motors involved in the twitching. Since there was always two motors involved I found it hard to believe it was the motors or ESCs. 

I then changed the transmitter and receiver from Futaba T8FG/Futaba R6014FS combo to a T8FG modified with FrSky Telemetry module and a FrSky  Telemetry receiver. The twithcing was gone instant.

So it seems the brownouts was a symptom of the APM giving to hard corrections after the twitching from the receiver. I have never tested the quad with FrSky receiver and power the whole thing from a smaller BEC or the BEC in one of the ESCs... I now always buy a CC Bec Pro to all my helis/multirotors.

Yes I find this very strange as I have never seen any mishapps from my Futaba gear (I have a total of 13 Futaba receivers) in any applications other than my Quad.

With the FrSky receiver I have had many nice flights on the Quad discussed in this thread.

I once lifted a GoPro Camera in a near nowind condition and lifted it over the roof a house. Coming home and looking at the video I saw a flagpole.... which I could not see from my standing point....and the pole had a flag..... which stood straight out from the pole in the wind....

But the ArduCopter was rock solid :-)

Best Regards


Oslo - Norway


    Great that you found the cause.  I saw another user here in Japan yesterday who had some bad behaviour that was related to a faulty receiver.  Replaced the receiver and it was all fine.

     Txs for the follow-up post.

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