Why this stupid software suddenly switched from STABILIZE mode to LAND mode by itself when all of the sudden lost GPS fix in my basement , it crashed broke a lot of stuff and I could not disable throttle it was flying on it's own until it broke all props damaged 1 arm and only then I had to disconnect battery to save motors  and stop my hexa, please check my .tlog file.

my last flight starts at 86% of the file.

What can I do to fix it?


FIRMWARE  : 3,01

all balanced calibrated and was flying outside OK!


TLOG file attached.


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Sorry, I can't read those - needs to be the dataflash log.

OK, that might explain it, fence was enabled, because I remember enabling it. I never remember warning.

RickP, you can extract the parameters from the Tlog using Mission planner.


how do you get the error codes that went off in a tlog?

Ralph, when you go to Mission Planner ( use Telemetry Logs ) to load .tlog files, You can play them and see life what happened to the plane/multicopter in real time.

here is picture where it is located.

Ok - though thats not very convenient since mission planner doesn't run on my laptop. Far easier to analyse a text dataflash file.

The logic behind the auto land in GPS modes is simple.

Any flight mode that need GPS will autoland if the GPS lock is lost, if not you risk getting a fly-away.

Fence needs GPS at all times to function, so with fence enabled you need GPS all the time regardless of flight mode.

thanks for this - I am aware. I just don't know how to extract the ERR codes that went off from a tlog.

there is no warning; the warning is the action which is configured for a fence breach. can always take control back by switching to stab.

I had almost the same thing happen to me. I normally don't fly indoors because I don't have the space but was trying out 3.0 when it came out and was trying out the low battery fail-safe. I had set the battery fail-safe with too high of a voltage so when it got to that it just started to land but I didn't know what was going on and just noticed I didn't have any control over the copter. It just crashed and broke some props but could have been worse. Now I never enable battery failsafe. Auto landing because of loss of GPS wasn't (i think) in that version but it is in 3.0.1 as you found out. I think it might be better to fly indoors only with acro mode or turn off the fence. In some ways acro is better than stabilize mode and it even mixes in some stable mode so it's a type of stable acro mode and I don't think it relies on GPS.

Some have suggested that the copter should maintain itself with the inertial system instead of landing in those situations. It can fly fine without GPS so I see no point in landing since the GPS loss is usually momentary.

I haven't tried this but I wonder if switching to acro would abort the auto land.

Just a general question: Since I started my adventures with autonomous quads and planes at college, I've never had a working ardupilot board. (And it didn't help that my copter was from some grad students who didn't know how to fly, and consequentially crashed it into the 3rd story window of our dean's office) It's been a few versions since I've tried, so when I do have a board, should I use 2.9 first to get readjusted to the concepts, or charge right into 3.0? I mean, it seems like 3.0 requires a LOT of precise tuning and testing in every way imaginable.

P.S. I have a personal quad on a KK2.0 board, and trust me, dorm rooms love quadcopters :) Test inside all the time :)

not sure there is any reason to use 2.9 for quads.. perhaps there may be a little more work getting requirements met for stable flight, but the improvements are worth it. But really, it's not that much - from what I see most problems are from people getting excited and wanting to OMG FLY (me being guilty as well) without reading and following through the proper tuning techniques outlined.

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