Ok this is what I'm attempting to do, I have started (half way thru building) a skywalker x8. and what I am looking to do is build a long range (so I can go from field in one area to a field a few miles away) fpv. then set up an IR camera to record plant stress, but infestation so on and so forth I have looked at the tetracam but not looking to drop 5k right now, I guess im wondering what else is out there that would work for what im trying to do?  Thanks!

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Look for ways of removing filters perhaps even this http://www.suasnews.com/2013/06/23275/infragram-infrared-plant-came...

would removing the filter off lets say for arguments sake a GoPro Hero 3 work for crop analysis? (I'm still kind of new to the IR business)

thanks by the way!!

You need a IR filter too. How do you paint the X8?  nice :)

NO!!   Get a Canon..  My preference is the S100 but you can go with a Canon SX260 and get the IR filter from Event38

I funded the above Kickstarter project and am awaiting my square of film now.. The started shipping already..

Here some link to the Public Lab's Infragram project:


Here is an step-by-step example of a near-IR camera conversion:


Took it apart and used krylon spray paint thanks!

Thanks for all your help!!! looks like i got some reading to do

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