1. Both: cruise throttle and airspeed can be set, but why?

If I set  airspeed (TRIM_ARSPD_CM), then throttle cruise percentage(TRIM_THROTTLE) should be dependent conditionally from airspeed.

2. TRIM_ARSPD_CM, is it in cm/s or in m/s. I think m/s, but what is this: _CM?


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Mission Planner 1.2.20 says in Advanced parameter List that TRIM_ARSPD_CM -"Airspeed in cm/s to aim for when airspeed is enabled in auto mode"

I dont want to beleve that it is in centimetes!?

Quite agree, there are gaps in the info. I thought maybe the Trim throttle was for non ASI equipped aircraft. And what does the ‘air speed corresponding to max throttle FBW-B’ do? (standard parameters).

Im still not really sure what’s going on with throttle and speed. My setup flies much faster in FBW-B than it does in Auto. Shouldn’t it be the same? So many parameters that seem to overlap.


Its defiantly M/S


1.2.22 still says "Airspeed in cm/s to aim for when airspeed is enabled in auto mode"


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