I am in the process of building a Octocopter that I need to handle at least 8kg MTOW. I got a frame from HobbyKing and after LIMITED research thought I'll go with Tiger Motor 400kv motors. I am also using AurdoCopter2.5. I am now stuck with these massive / heavy motors and would like some advice on what ESC (I think they should be 40Amp without BEC?) and most important, what propellers. I used the online calculator and looks like my most eficiant optiin will be 13x6.5 props. Any tips on this one? I realise my flying time will probably not exceed 12 minutes, but I'll fix that on the next build ;-)

Thanks in Advance


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Is this your first build?

Have been flying for a while and ding maintenance on work UAVs but thought I'd build something for myself.

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