Custom Frame?

Hey guys,

I'm looking to get 2 custom built frames built that can fit a few sensors including the SF40/c LiDAR on top of a gimbal. I'm looking for something either on the lines of the Aztec Firefly (carbon fibre w/ plastic hood) or a design like the Maverick from SteadiDrone. Ideally I'm looking for something that looks professional rather than than a DIY build. I'm not looking for any hardware development as we're using off the shelf components (RPI3, NAVIO2, SF40/c LiDAR), we'll just need some nice aluminium or plastic slots for those to fit into. 

We're currently building machine learning/computer vision software for SaR missions and we'd like to sell these drones eventually to clients along with our software, we're mostly software guys. Ideally we're looking to work with someone that can produce these things.

Aside from this, would anyone know where to get a plastic hood built to fit on top of this? 

Would anyone be down to work with me on this (paid of course)/would anyone happen to know a company that covers this for a cost that is pretty reasonable? 


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