Hi everyone,

Does anyone have experience with configuring their own sensors onto the Pixhawk (I have an IRIS)? I purchased a gas sensor that I'd like to wire to it, does anyone know of any good resources to help me get started? I've downloaded the PX4 development environment from the Pixhawk developers website and have gone through some of the "getting started" instructions on there, I have been able to install the firmware through Eclipse as opposed to the Mission Planner. I also purchased 3-position and 5-position connectors for the analog inputs.

I was also wondering if there is a way to view the telemetry log data on Mission Planner during flight? If I did add this sensor, would data be saved through the telemetry logs or dataflash logs?

I appreciate whatever help I can get, thank you!


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Hi Aaron, I am working in a project very similar to what you have done. 

I have al ready connect some sensors via i2c to the pixhawk, but I can´t  make the changes in the mavlink, can you show us how to make it ?

Aaron Curtis said:

Hi Katie, I have flown with CO2, SO2, and H2S sensors on an APM. I hooked them up via I2C and then added a new dataflash 'GAS' log message and later also a mavlink message. Would be interested to hear more about your application, and happy to show you the code I used. It's in a local branch but if you remind me I'll push it to github. You can see the discussion I started here.

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