hello all,

I am a newbe who is testing its first hexa, I noticed something that I do not know whether it is normal or an assembly error

I'm doing the first test indor, the hexa suffers a bit of turbulence in the room but I think physiological, however, takes off and is fairly stable without rotation and without too many corrections roll and pitch.

but what I see from the chart gives me some suspicion

What do you think?

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It's very likely some of your motors aren't mounted level, and are producing some yaw thrust, which must be compensated for with yaw differential.  Look at motors 2, 4, and 5.

Yes, Looks like the Yaw is being compensated with thrust. Please straighten your frame.


I know this might sound dumb but I have done it , are your props all on the right way round, ie writing on the prop facing up?

all the props are in the right way, but  I have upgrade a dji f550 of about 7 cm per arm and i have found 4 engine misaligned of few degrees to right pushing ccw ... this should be the reason .. now I am working to straighten ... will take updated

My Enroute hexa (a japanese company's hexa) had the same issue originally (now resolved).  Nice analysis!


I am chasing a problem where my hex requires full right-aileron trim to stay in place in the Stabilized mode.  I suspect one of the motors on the left is weak, but short of changing motors at random a graph like the one you generated for your hex may point me to the problem.  How did you generate that graph?

In your logs, enable Motors, which will log the output to the motors.

Then just graph the data after a flight and you should see the culprit as a higher value than the rest.

When I am trying to debug something I just go in and 'enable all'

All this is in Terminal/logs by the way.

i have done in ground station -> flight data -> load log -> play click on tuning below the map you will get a graph on top ... click on legenda and chose ch1out to chXout depending on number on motors

Mike and Stefano - thanks for the prompt reply.

I have avoided the "Telemetry Logs" due to lack of documentation.  Your step-by-step instructions provided me with the key to this resource.  (Anyone else following the instructions generously offered by Stefano; to get the parameters list, double click anywhere on the graph.)

I am guessing that my opposing motors appear to have opposite and symmetrical traces is normal, and that all motors are in a narrow range, that this probably isn't my asymmetry problem.  (Flight was at 19m and loiter mode).

I also figured out how to zoom in to get more resolution, but is there any way to zoom out?

Any other tips on using log files that you or anyone else can provide would be appreciated.  I am writing it all down.

mouse ring zoom IN/OUT or equivalent depending on your mouse config setting


I found that I can zoom in by dragging a box on the graph.  It didn't occur to me that the mouse wheel would do the same.

Right-moust-button-click "reset scaling to default" also gets you back to a descent (although often too zoomed out) view.


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