I have set up ardupilot with the shield installed and xbee 900's to transmit the data. all the blinking lights seem to be good. eg. i get satelite lock on gps. i also see data being transfered from the xbees as the lights on the adapoters are blinking. in my terminal i have set it to 57600 (i also used xtcu to sety my xbees to 57600 for the em406 adapter) and all i get is garbled data. its not readable. i think i have missed something but im not sure where.

**sorry for my first post it got screwed up somehow alot of it didnt show up and the title was gone.

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well iv tested everything again i dont think its the shield causing the error. i can use config tool perfect and write to my 328 no problem with the shield on. autopilot appears to be working normally but i still cant get data to be readable and ardustation doesnt work. im lost guys someone must know out there. oh yhea i tried a second gps module and get the same thing
Shawn, why don't you try connecting ArduPilot directly to your computer with the FTDI cable and reading the data with the Ground Station software. If that works, then you know that the problem is in your Xbees.
ok we are getting somehwere .. thank you so much for your help. when i connect the ftdi cable it works perfect the ardustation comes to life lol. works like a charm so obviously the problem lies in my xbees. maybee i should reinstall the firmware maybee or something?
Yes, try that. The ArduPilot manual walks you through that. Might be worth making sure you've followed the manual to the letter, in both the Xbee config setup and wiring.
i did follow the manual to the letter. but i didnt see anything in the telemetry section about useing fdti to connect. anyways i dont think my xbees are defective so it must be my xbee adapter from adafruit. ordered another one.
I have just gone through this same process and had a few problems myself, so i will share what i found.

I struggled to get the xbee reading the serial in correctly using the Xbee Explorer Regulated in various configurations with and without a separate level shifter. The recommended xbee shield from adafruit: http://www.adafruit.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=... worked great first time.

Also be careful to put some distance between your 2 xbee modules as it would appear it is easy to saturate the receiver if they are within less than 1 metre of each other.
yea i was able to test another adapter and now it works fine. im dumb for not thinking of it sooner. but all is well so im happy. thank you everyone for the help and i hope you all have a good day flying.

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