I've got an APM2 without telemetry.

Every time I try to fly at the end I find only two logs with  few values. I do not understand one thing: all settings enable / disable set with the CLI (like enable GPS, PM, CURRENT; and so on) i do not see them hold them in memory, because every time I open the window of the terminal to load the log says "log enable.none".

Better, how can i do to be sure that the APM2 hold on my enable setting?

Another strange thing: if i do "enable all" will appears all command included CURRENT

If i do "enable CURRENT" (like a single command) nothing appears why?

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If you don't have telemetry logging is not possible. Logging live flight data requires the wireless link, whether or not you have enabled logging.

Instead, get an Xbee or 3DR Radio set and connect to it via APM Planner, then logging will occur automatically.

i'm sry to this but thanks for reply

Found the problem, very simple to solve, APM2 Dataflash card not correctly inserted into the slot.

To verify this do the test "logging" in the terminal of MP.

Now all the log setting are fixed.

@Stuart the logging works without telemetry on board. (this is confirmed to DIYDrones support)

Paolo how can I verify if it is properly seated, because im trying to download logs and says DATAFLASH NOT INSERTED, the board is brand new and made I flight minutes ago, wanted to check the logs!

Ok, let's look at this from a software error message perspective. The card is a memory device, but like all storage systems, you need a file system (AKA format) on the card. If you never formatted the card, the library (section of the code that we reuse from other common projects) that reads  and writes to the card only knows it cannot detect a file system. It could be the card is not plugged in, the card is not formated, or the card is full. It takes a lot of code to figure out each  of those situations and thus we only detect if the card is accessible and thus it doesn't exactly mean the card is not seated-just it was unable to access the filesystem on the card.

It's suggested to format the card (AKA erase) before usage to ensure the card works, has a file system and is empty. Being your first flight, you likely didn't do any of that and thus  there is no log to be had.

Erasing the dataflash:

Reading logs through the CLI

You can also download data files with the CLI. Enter it by typing logs in the CLI and hitting the enter key. Here are the available commands: 

  • "dump n": Dump log number n.
  • "erase": Erase all logs.
  • "enable name": Enable logging name.  Use "all" to enable everything.
  • "disable name": Disable logging name.  Use "all" to disable everything.


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