DCM Bad heading

I had a crash today.

I loaded 3.2 a few weeks ago and haven't had any trouble with it, in fact, It has been excellent!

Today something happened that caused a crash, the damage isn't too bad.

However, I have been trying to make sense of it, and I hope if this is a bug in 3.2, it can be found and corrected.

The first thing I notice is that it appears when I play back the log in mission planner, the heading line for "current heading"  is 90 dg to the left from the way I pointed the front of the quad copter when I set it down for takeoff. 

At the time, I didn't notice this in MP because I only used mission planner to wait until I got a suitable GPS lock.  I did get a good lock, at the point of takeoff, I had HDOP of 1.4 with 11 satellites.  

However, after the crash. when I played it back, IT was obviously wrong.  The last time I flew, all was well, a very good flight and nothing was done or changed.

here is a clip showing mission planner in playback.


Also, after taking off, I noticed what sounded like a disarm tone or something, and the motors just suddenly spun down.    

To make this even more confusing is that the motor cutoff seemed to be triggered when I switched from Stab mode to Position Hold.  

Since using 3.2, I typically set it into position hold for takeoff and pretty much the whole flight usually.  In this flight however, I took off in stabile, then switched to Position hold..

anyway, so here is the short video:


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