I’ve been out of the game for a long time because of medical issues. I recently got back into the air with my H-Quad and after a few successful flights I had a rough landing and roll over due to exhausting the battery. Afterward I notice the APM won’t power up from the LiPo but it will from the USB jack connected to my GCS laptop. I can read and write parameters and the artificial horizon works so I think it's ok. I did some more investigating and found that one ESC was putting out over 12VDC to the rails after the crash which I guess burned out something on the APM. Any suggestion, do you think I can salvage the APM? I’d really like to save it if I can. I’ve racked up substantial medical bills and can’t really afford a whole new setup right now. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Hardware - Main Board: ArduPilotMega V 1.4, IMU Shield: Hotel 1.0

My DIY H-Quad: 

My Ground Station:

Ground Station with Antenna Mast:

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