I have tested the IMU only two weeks all the components works fine, and after I dont know why,

only IDG 500 doesnt response as you can see on arducopter configurator (blue and red graph).
So I decide to remove the IDG 500 with my hot air soldering and put a breakout card
and now all works fine. 


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After a breakout board, I am ready for resolder a new IDG500.


Repair IMU Card

Removing XY Gyro IDG500 :

Reloading welding :

Protection around the chip :

After reflow, the card is ready now for testing :

Nice work Gerard!  Thanks for the tip with the kapton tape!  I just happen to have some handy


Now I only need to find a cost-effective supply of the ISZ500 gyro to fix my IMU before I can have a go


DIYdrones store! - have you thought about making these components available for us DIY repairers?  It might convince us to more readily place an order for other parts at the same time! ;)

Effectively this will be a great idea because Diydrone's store has a low cost shipping for this kind of product. But how many people can solder this tiny component. I took 3 times before succeeding with my big fingers.

I think you can get it for 4$ at invensense.com plus 21$ or 47$ intl shipping (gloups!).

Mine, I got it from wide.hk, I ask them directly if they sell it and they reply quickly the price and the shipping fee (good price for only one piece).
check the datasheet about the agc pin, probably it was not clean.
Impressive! The Kapton tape is indeed key.

You're braver than me...

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