Dead IDG 500 and rework IMU


I have tested the IMU only two weeks all the components works fine, and after I dont know why,

only IDG 500 doesnt response as you can see on arducopter configurator (blue and red graph).
So I decide to remove the IDG 500 with my hot air soldering and put a breakout card
and now all works fine. 




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  • Effectively this will be a great idea because Diydrone's store has a low cost shipping for this kind of product. But how many people can solder this tiny component. I took 3 times before succeeding with my big fingers.

    I think you can get it for 4$ at plus 21$ or 47$ intl shipping (gloups!).

    Mine, I got it from, I ask them directly if they sell it and they reply quickly the price and the shipping fee (good price for only one piece).
  • After a breakout board, I am ready for resolder a new IDG500.


    Repair IMU Card

    Removing XY Gyro IDG500 :

    Reloading welding :

    Protection around the chip :

    After reflow, the card is ready now for testing :

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Aug 31
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