Hi everyone,

I'm using the pixhawk (px4 firmware) on a DJI F450 with the 3DR power module (accurate readings) and Turnigy 3s 2650mah batteries.

I've set BAT_CAPACITY to -1 for now because I want it to only consider voltage readings.
BAT_V_EMPTY is set to 3.6V, BAT_V_FULL is set to 4.2V

I experience massive voltage drops (>1V per cell on full throttle) when I increase throttle. This causes the pixhawk to go Battery failsafe mode and battery critical mode after just a few seconds eventhough the voltage recovers to normal values after throttle is decreased (allthough it takes much longer till normal voltage is displayed in QGC compared to my volt meter).

I've set BATTER_V_DROP to 1V but still the same result. Maybe its a problem with the batteries, on the other hand they do work just fine.

What can I do to get this under control?


PS: Sorry again for accidentally using group send message to post this >./pre>

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Get a battery with a bigger C rating than the one you are using to help keep the voltage from drooping at high current demands.



Hi Thomas,

yea the batteries I use now probably aren't perfectly suited for the application but over all they can handle it. With a C rating of 25-30C they certainly can deliver the current.

So any other workarounds i could try?

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