I switch my battery today from 4S 3700 mAh to 3S 5000 mAh and my Hex flies poorly.  I was hoping the new battery would work better.  I thought my configuration file was the default with a little tuning.  I had lowered the Stabilize roll and pitch from 4.5 to 4.  I reset these values back to 4.5 after installing the new battery.  When I flew the flight was wobbly and just poor.  I kept the Hex close and low for fear of a crash.

My question is where can I find the default configure files for both for Hex and Quad?  I went through the wiki manuals and didn't find them, nor did I find them in the download area.  I also recent upgraded to 2.8.1.  Both my Quad and Hex are 3DR kits.


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Gee, I get to answer another of my own posts.  LOL.  But not really...

I found when looking more closing at my parameters that I had set the Throttle Rate P at 30.3.  Ouch, no wonder it flew so poorly.  That's what happens when you rush things, I so wanted to see how my new battery would work, I flew on my lunch hour today. 

Rush, rush, crash, crash.

But, my original question still stands, where can I find the default parameter files for both the Hex and Quads sold by 3DR?


Don't know if this is of any help to you Richard, but I always take a screen shot of the default values for a new APM.


This is what I have for 2.8.1.


Hope this is what you are after.

Thank you. Is this for Hex or Quad?

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