hi, i just reciver my new 3dr x8 arducopter, i got it flying for a few minutes but after i have messed around with the PID settings and others, the copter stoped working well.

now it is impossivle to control, the throttle works but i dont get any reaction from the other chanels, and when there is throttle enough for hovering it destabilize and flips

so, i thought that if i reset all the values, i may get it working again.

does some of you know how to do that, i have been trying without success.


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The quickest way if you didn't backup your settings is to just re-install the firmware to the APM.  Here are the instructions for setting it up using Mission Planner:


i have done this allredy but seems that the settings does not change.

do you know any other solutions ?

You could try erasing the EEProm using the CLI tools, that will erase everything from the APM and let you load things fresh:


but i dont know what i have to load after erasing th eEEProm.

where can i get the default parameters ?

The default parameters will be set when you reload the firmware to the APM.  Plug your APM into your computer, but don't click connect...rather click the hardware tab along the top and it should instruct you to select the firmware that you want to load.  Once it loads, you will have the defaults that it shipped with.  Also be sure to perform the ESC calibration along with the setting up the compass, etc.

Do an erase, to erase bad/old stuff, and then type reset, to set everything to default. Then proceed to setup as usual.. 

thanks i now it is working well

That's awesome that it is working well again!

the problem was the Kp stab for roll and pitch. it was way to low.

well thanks for you help

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