Does anyone know if the default PIDs for APM2.5, are listed anywhere. I have Google this to death with nothing but some old images of the extended PID screen for MP.

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I could send them to you if needed

That would be excellent. I should explain why. I used auto tune and some of the I values are nuts. It would be best to start from scratch but scratch requires removing all the other parmas too.

So thank you and please do.

I've done that myself a few times
This is the default pid settings. It would be nice if the was a calculator of some sort.

Fabulous thanks.

MP could do with a reset PID defaults button.


If you go in to terminal tab, connect. Then setup enter and reset enter or test enter reset. You can also try it by replacing reset with erase. Keep in mind this will erase everything. You will have to completely set up your apm like it was the first time. It's a piece of cake but the compass is a bit annoying to set up. Hope this helps you out buddy.
But a reset PID button would be really nice! It would be a very useful addition to MP


Didn't want to go back there. Saving parameters is fine but you restore all of them too, if you run a restore.

Backing up parameters each time I tune so I can do a quick recovery if the tune is unsatisfactory. It difficult to auto tune if the tuning starts to for off.


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