I finally decided on my first R C Plane, a Radian Pro.  Everything I have read about this model is good, but I just read an article that recommended at least a 7 channel TX for mixing.  I ordered a 6 channel Spektrum.  Have I made a mistake?  Should I try and change my order?  Help.

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It looks like that model will fly just fine with a 5+ channel radio...but... IMO, if you are really going to get serious in the hobby OR you can afford it it is best to buy the nicest radio you can afford now (as you will end up buying another in the near future once the demand requires it).


I fly 9 and 10 channel futaba radios but there are several other offerings by Hitech and others that are very comparable and affordable,

I looked at the Hi Tec but it was more expensive  at the shop where I purchased, Futaba seems to have their own issues with receivers if I understood correctly.  This stuff is pretty confusing sometimes and I elected to go Spektrum cause that is what the local dealer carries.  Do I need a 9 or 10 channel to fly FPV and autonomous?
I think I am going to keep the 6 channel, if I mount a camera I can piggyback on the rudder servo to move it.  Saw a guy doing just that on youtube.  My budget is tight, if I shell out for a 9 or 10 channel my budget is gone.  I am really excited to get this plane in the air, been flying the simulator now for about 3 months so hopefully I won't crash it if I am careful and don't get too cocky.  Anyway thanks and if anyone has any suggestions for a good camera and mounting location on the Radian Pro airframe please let me know.

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