I had everything working and in the tuning phase but something has gone wrong. Even if I put it in STABILIZE while on the ground and move the plane around, roll and pitch are indicated with the attitude indicator but no servos move. I also went into the tuning mode, it shows the pitch and roll servos responding but nothing happens at the servos.  I should also be able to move the sticks while in STABILIZE and have the servos respond to inputs - nothing happens.

FBW_B I should be seeing elevator move down and respond to airspeed but nothing happens - also no servo movement when sticks are moved.

Batteries are good - everything works in manual. I had all defaut PID's saved, reinstalled still nothing. Erased EEPROM reinstalled all sensors work - no output from servos in previously stated modes.

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I was just getting ready to respond.  I'm a rooky at this myself - no worries here.

thanks anyway!

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