I was having problems arming my ArduCopter. This is how I was finally able to get them going.

It should be noted when arming the motors you have to press right on the rudder/throttle WAIT (About 2 seconds) and then throttle up a little past 50% and HOLD there for about 5 seconds. I also wait for the GPS to get a lock before I attempt to start.

My experience arming the motors by moving the throttle right then quickly to the 50%+ mark never started the motors.

Hope it help with anyone having difficulties.

I'm topping off the LIPO and next stop first flight.



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Weird, I've never had that experience.  For me it's always, hold the throttle down, then hold rudder to the right for about 5~6 seconds...

Steven, I think something is wrong with your setup.  That's not how the program is supposed to work.

Are you flying a quad or a heli?

That is still how my arducopter is functioning. The setup is from udrones. It is also worth mentioning I start with the rudder/throttle centered and at 0% throttle and not centered/centered.


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