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I'm building a couple of ArduPilot/Bixler based drones for a research project and would like to add telemetry to them. I believe I've managed to locate/order all the parts for the 900 Mhz DIY drones xBee telemetry kit, but I'm not sure what xBee modules to order. Are the ones below at Digikey the correct ones?





Thanks for your help,

- Mark

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I got mine from Sparkfun but yes, those are correct and will talk with each other. Make sure you follow the "roll your own" telemetry and flash the right firmware. The directions will guide you through it step by step.

I used these, but they are the same part number.



 These are equivalent digikey parts with different antennae (RP-SMA, Wire, U.FL)




Again, the part numbers matched up. You just don't want to mix the XSC versions as thier protocol is different and problematic.


Thanks much!

Hi I am currently using two modules 602-1169-ND. with no problem, I prefer SMA carryon the plane as it gives me the possibility of removing the antenna or install a higher gain.

Back when they had the shortage, I got some wired versions and removed it and added the RP-SMA connectors. The boards have the options, it's all in what you connect. I just looked at high res pictures of the versions to determine what smt caps they added or removed between the antennae variants.

Do you know if there are shortages coming from the digi-key website as well?

Digi-key appears to have plenty in stock. I ordered my xBee modules last Thursday and recieved them two days later.

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