Just wondering if any body is using digital servo's with their ARDU pilot and FMA Co-pilot? The reason for asking is becasue I have HS7955TG in my UAV and would like to know if they will be an issue.

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Never tried them, I'm afraid. They should work, but let us know how it goes.
They will work but watch the current depending on how many HS7955TG you're planning to use - they do draw more current.
Thanks guys, I'm not worried about the current draw because all the servos connect via a poxbox. The reason for asking is Im after a cheap autopilot to put loads of flight hours on our UAV during the test phase, it would be much easier having the UAV fly a flight pattern via GPS co-ordinates then trying to manually fly it all the time.
You shouldn't have any problems. Digital's have a high frame rate and have more power and use more power. Better centering and higher holding power. They would be idea for larger UAV's but will work find.

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