Hello world,

This is the first time I start a discussion on a forum so I hope I'll get it right. Please excuse me if somehow someone feels offended..

So, I built a quad which runs on a pixhawk controller from 3dr, I use a 8s, 4000mah lipo battery to power my multistar elite 3508-268kv motors through an Afro HV 20A esc. The props are 12x45. With telemetry, gps with compass, gopro and 3axis gimbal, the system weights around 2.5kg on an tarot ironman 650 frame.

This drone flies pretty well, I am happy with it but I have a really frustrating issue:

At high throttle, when i get the elevator (or the aileron) stick to its end point (up or down) the drone disarms itself just like if I had the throttle stick down and rudder left (spektrum Dx7 is set to mode 3)... On mission planner, everything looks fine, no failsafe is activated, it seems like I have 5 different possible disarming sequences...

I fixed the problem like a brute by changing the course of the elevator and aileron from 100% to 50% on both before he maiden flight.

I'd like to understand why my quad disarms itself with impertinent sequences so that I can correct it and increase my courses back to 100% and still fly safely.

I haven't seen any discussion on this topic so if someone could help, it would be very helpful :)

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