I flow my dji in my neighborhood and get distance no further than 700 feet at an altitude of 100 feet...I lost contact with my wifi also...and suggestions

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It's a toy. Nothing more.

Basically what Andre is saying... spend more $$


Rene, I am sure that if you fly it directly above you, you will get more range. The closer you get to the ground the more interference you get from obstacles, and also it demends on how many and how strong other WiFi signals are around you or the drone. If you fly in an open field without trees or other obstacles you should get the most range from it.

Your WiFi repeater position has a lot to do with it as well.  Try pointing it in the direction of flight not just strait up.  Also your radio transmitter antenna should lay horizontal left or right for maximum control range.

Thanks for your help....Would you know of any after market electronics that can be used and works on the dji phantom vision PLUS. A number have changed their antennas and swear by it, any thoughts?

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