DIY gradiometer for a UAV/drone based geophysical survey system

Hi all,

i am thinking about an affordable way to build/buy a gradiometer system, that is light enough, to attach it to a drone. like
but low budget. :)

a gradiometer uses two (or more) magnetometers, as far is i know. the big planes use 

Scintrex CS-3 seems to be a popular magnetometer for this. i found that the Scintrex
produces a lighter one, the CS-3L (1,8kg/3.96 lbs).

but maybe there is an inexpensive way to built a gradiometer? 
an arduino based solution would be perfect. but i found none. 

Maybe someone can help out here? Thank in advance!

regards, Joe :)

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Hi Joe,

Have you had any luck since your post in April? Please email me if you'd like to discuss further,


Bob Chaplin

Hi Joe,

Affordable? The CS-VL's cost US$20k each, for a gradiometer set up you will need two of them.

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