Last month, my colleagues made a simple obstacle avoidance car. This colleague's ability in DIY is super cattle. After seeing this car, I feel so talented and must share it with you. With the consent of the colleague, the circuit schematic and source code of the car are shared here.
This simple obstacle avoidance car uses ultrasonic waves for distance measurement and determines the direction of travel of the car based on the measured distance. Simplify the handling of obstacle avoidance and turn right as long as there are obstacles. In order to save costs, only one ultrasonic module is used, so it is only possible to avoid obstacles in front of the object. The car adopts a three-wheel structure and the speed difference is used for direction control.
The finished module used in the ultrasonic module, the single-chip microcomputer uses a minimum system board, and the L293D motor drive module is on the bottom plate. The overall assembly is as follows:

figure 1

Paste the minimum system schematic

figure 2

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