Ok guys, with all the people waiting on APM2 and all the exciting new alpha and beta releases of APM firmware coming, I think many people are starting to chomp at their bits, a little.  

To that end, I've opened up this discussion for all those with complaints.  As I've joined the Dev Team, and not at a productive stage yet, I'll monitor this discussion, and relay things to the others on the Dev Team.

These could be both hardware or software, or just general rants and raves!

Hope everyone takes advantage of this!  Maybe we'll all learn some things in the process.

Just wanted to add this response from Chris Anderson:

Please just contact sales@3drobotics.com and inquire about the status of your order. They are not necessarily shipped in order. For example, the unsoldered ones are shipped first, because they're faster to put together. Then soldered with GPS, then soldered without GPS (or maybe those two in reverse order, I can't remember). There are approximately 50 going out each day and the team tells me that the backlog should be over by Mon/Tues of next week. 

I agree, please use this discussion for Rants and Raves.  Order issues should be directed to 3DR directly.  I think you will get better response there.

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I think you missed my main point. It's not about getting help for newbs or troubleshooting hardware bought at whatever store. It's about expanding, managing and structuring the feedback given on firmware releases.

Don, I see where you're going.  Basically you're thinking of a "problem tracking" system.  The question is, who wants to run the system.  I don't think the software of the forum itself will be able to do it.  You'd need tracking numbers and such.

Why not just have a ALPHA/BETA testers group that no one but those testers have access to.

Then If you have the required skills (I dont ;) You apply if you are capable and the development process is kept away from the critical public. One thing the public dont seem to realise and rightly so, is that almost EVERY product that we use goes through rigourous testing before its fit for public consumption. Letting the public have access to dev/tester discussions is dangerous for the public and the DIY Drones image. If any of us actually saw how the food we eat is processed/cooked/killed we most likely wouldnt eat any of it!

If you're just starting out and you go to diydrones and all you find is people, public and testers complaining about bugs and posting crash videos. You'll buy a KK or CC.

Theres certain things that are fit for public consumption and certain things that arent.


We have the issues list in the code repository. Perhaps it's underused?

Well Gareth, the idea behind open source is everyone sees, and every can participate.  The corollary of that is, don't look at what you don't want to see. ;-)

If all people saw was crash videos on this forum, I wouldn't be surprised if they went to another platform.  I have a KK and haven't used it since the first day I mounted my APM on the frame.  Luckily there are enough good flying videos posted to keep people interested.

Personally, I think the APM is a good, and affordable platform.  We can currently run AeroQuad, and APM software.  I'd like to see more software ports to it.  We should not be limited.

I agree on this one. But then there's the part of me that cringes when I think 'open source project' and 'hidden from the public' in the same sentence... Somewhere there needs to be a middle ground, and it may just be a matter of more positive reports being made visible, so as to make things more balanced and keep a better perspective of the actual status of a release.

A community project isn't unlike a sports team. All it takes is one player with a bad or negative attitude to take down the whole team...

I think this is a great idea, we all need to let off steam now and then. So long as it doesn't bring down the guys who are putting in their time and effort to make this thing be the best it can be. 

Releasing the CO2 that was stored in the earth over millions of years will NEVER be environmentally friendly.  I'm not a big fan of hydroelectric either.  Flooding huge tracts of land.  Nuclear is risky.

Solar, or energy reduction is the only thing that is truly "green".

I completely agree with your last point, however.

Yes, people should use that for confirmed problems.  But it doesn't hurt to discuss it first before actually posting an issue.  It could be a non-issue, and someone else on the group has already solved it.

True, but any perception of the APM, is created by the members.  If people are happy with their system, they'll post their flying videos to show off.  On the other hand if people are crashing all the time we'll see lots of crash videos.  One is weighed against the other and a impression is made.

Ok, here's a new rant.  I really don't like this forum structure.  For a number of reasons:

1. The search doesn't work.  I can search for words that I KNOW have been written, and the search doesn't find them.  Why?

2. Too many places to post.  We have blogs, and you can post. We have the forums where you can post.  Then there are the user groups, where you can post messages to the user groups.  Then within those user groups, there are more forums!  This makes it that much harder to find things, or for people to know WHERE to talk about something.

3. The replies are not inline.  This makes it impossible to follow a thread.  If somebody asks a question early on, and the thread gets really big, sometimes people will post a response to the question, and nobody will see it because it's 30 pages back.

@Ellison, a zero point/over unity generator would work nicely. Burning fossilised dead animals suck!

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