Hey guys,

I finally have everything i need to build the DJI F450 quad

ARF KIT (OPTO 30A,DJI 2212 motors, 8 and 10 in props (stock))

I understand i need 1 BEC which i ordered (Castle Creations 10A)

I guess i dont understand how to exactly hook it up and integrate it with the APM 2.5.

I got a 3S 5000mah batt as well (20-30C)

Cant someone show me some insight? My google searches were futile on the matter ..

And also which props should i use? (8 or 10in) and whats the difference?


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Anyone? Good or bad?

I have a similar setup. I use the 10" props.

Do you have the power module connector option that is available? if so, one lead (thick wires) does to your DJI PDB and the other lead (thick wires) goes to your battery. The small connector connects to the PM port on the APM 2.5 (see: http://diydrones.com/profiles/blog/show?id=705844%3ABlogPost%3A1038...)......also see http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Voltage my JP1 jumper is not connected......

alternate power solutions are found at:  http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/APM25Power

For the BEC, I have flown with and without it (no problems either way). However, when installed,I wired the input directly from the DJI PDB and wired the output (5.7 vdc in my case) to the output channel of the APM 2.5., again no JP1 jumper.

Perform a keyword search on OPTO, DJI, APM 2.5, F450/F330F550 and you will see a great deal of support.

also, research the OPTO 30A ESCs from DJI....Calibration not required, but there is a great deal of literature.....some recommending to cut (or remove from connector) the small power wire (middle-red) that is plugged into the output channels of the APM......I did not cut my ESC power wires, but I don't have enough flight time to answer, with confidence, if I should cut the wire or not.....please research this issue in DIY Drones as well as Google and make you own decision.

also see:



hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, finally understood that the BEC is used to power the output rails of the apm.

I soldered the bec with the main power wires right in to the PDB, my battery hooks up to a 3DR power module, and the other end of the power module connects to the PDB as well, from the BEC i am powering the output rails of the apm.

Did get it up and running,,waiting on some good weather to go outside, in the mean while i did manage to do some practice take offs in the garage. If anyone runs in to a build like this there's a few things to know that could save you a couple headaches:

1. Make sure you have the right props (CW CCW) in the right place, also make sure prop is spinning the right way, if not then simply switch 2 wires around on the motor side going to the ESC.

2. My first take offs were tilted, what really did the trick was going in to CLI and run the level command,

These were my 2 main hickups in the build process..hope this helps someone out there.

As far as cutting the ESC wires thats news to me, so far it seems to run ok so ill leave it that way.

Im pretty sure thats how i have it hooked up..take a look and see.



All looking good, except sometimes the quad tries to takeoff on one leg, if i give it a little more throttle it will snap out of it and hover but it will start going one way, is this a trim setting on the Tx? Balance? Level? I always take off in stabilize mode.

(All the takeoff tests i did we're in my garage so no more than 2ft off the ground.


Have you calibrated your radio in the MP and calibrated your ESCs?

Are your motors starting in sync (at the same time)?

Radio Calibration: Check.

ESC Calibration: Not required as they are DJI's 30A OPTO's.

Motors seem to start in sync however when throttle down the props dont stop in sync.

Any other variables that maybe causing this issue?

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