I have a system composed of DJI N3 + LB2 + Remote Control Channel Extended.

The "Manual" shutter set in F1 works perfectly with Extender but I'm trying to make the remote shutter via PWM (always on F1) on  UGCS but without success

Do you have any help or suggestion to give me?

Thank you all for the help

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Dear Antonio,

You have the unique configuration.

To understand what we can advise you in this case, please, specify some additional information:

  • What gimbal do you use?
  • Do you have an opportunity to control camera shutter via DJI GO? 

Best regards,
Anna Moshkova

Dear Anna

thanks for my interest in my problem. :-)

Gimbal is third party (NOT DJI) and run by Alexmos but this is not the problem.

With the DJI Remote Control Channel Extended interface, I can control the F1-F8 ports in PWM for the management of my devices on the gimbal, such as the Sony RX100 /  Sony WX500 etc . (Zoom In - Zoom Out - Start / Stop REC - Manual Shutter, etc)

The Manual Shutter is on F1 port and perfectly commands an RC Switch interfaced with my Cam.

Then manually it works perfectly .... when I need to do a photogrammetry, I need to understand which UGCS ports (F1, F2, .... F8) handles the automatic shutter ..... or where I can assign a command port to UGCS for automatic shutter control on DJI N3 ?? ... (maybe UGCS has a default port for the Shutter?)

thank you again


Dear Antonio,

Hope you are doing well.

Did you try to connect Lightbridge2 to your gimbal and camera via gimbal port?

Unfortunately, we have not tested this gimbal.

Best regards,
Anna Moshkova


dear Anna

thank you again

Unfortunately the gimbal is third party so I thought I could not connect it to lightbridge2 (if I do not mistake the LB2 only handles DJI gimbals ... is it true?)

If there is a way to connect a third-party gimbal with Alexmos to LB2, please tell me.

Also responding to the previous question, in DJI Go I do not have the shutter button.

What solutions does UGCS offer me? .. just create a script via Port API?

In conclusion: with Remote Control Channel Extendend I can take pictures and drive all the ports F1-F8 ... but UGCS can not pilot N3 Shutter output because the gimbal is not native DJI? ... confirm me?

thank you


Hi Antonio,

UgCS works by using DJI SDK. Most functions that are supported by DJI are supported in UgCS.

As you are using a custom gimbal, I would recommend you to seek information on how to connect your gimbal or shutter control to DJI LB2. If that is possible, it will also be possible to control both gimbal and shutter in UgCS.

Otherwise only custom development solution would help to solve this.

Best regards,


Hi Arturs and thanks for the reply

What I do not understand is how can such a beautiful software DO NOT give consent to a F1-F8 port for remote shutter.
Not everyone has a Phantom, Mavic, Inspire, Matrix ... many have Matrix with Gimbal Alexmos (Basecam), or professional multicopter  homebuild

So the only way to get a remote shot is to mount a Ronin ?? Certainly this has the ability to control Shutter.
Obviously I can not mount a Ronin on my multicopter and in fact preclude any possibility.

But i've to understand one thing. UGCS is ready for other first-generation aircraft like WooKong or Naza (not to mention P4 etc.) so I see it hard to install advanced systems like a Ronin.

Obviously if WooKong is suitable for UGCS, the ports can be piloted .... but how ???

Also ... DJI N3 has a default channel (F1) used only in the shutter so it should not be so complex to tell UGCS to use the F1 port ... instructions that I did not find (in addition, the specific manual "F1 shutter for third party "!!!!!!)

Help me please !! I'm crazy  :-D 

I'm very sorry, but it's impossible at the moment. In case of "modern" DJI drones we don't have any access to autopilot ports. We can do only what DJI allows us through their SDK.

Hi Alexey,

thank you for the answer

however I can not believe that it is not possible to output a PWM command on any of the ports of DJI N3 when it arrives on the photogrammetry waypoints.

It already had WooKong in 2011/2012 with the previous Ground Station ... Also DJI N3 has the "native" F1 port with Shutter function

I also remember that my N3 is coupled to LightBridge 2 but I have installed the Remote Channel Externded that allows me to have manual control of the F1-F8 ports

In short ... I can not understand the difficulty because UGCS is also designed for Wookoong, A2, Mikrokopter, etc ... all pretty old systems where one of the ports in PWM must be piloted.


so it is correct to say that the UGCS system works only if:

1) You have a board system connected with all DJI resources (Mavic, Phantom, Inspire M600 with G15, etc.)
2) You have an old DJI system (Wookong, A2, etc.) and also with third-party gimbal
3) You have different systems from DJI with gimbal of different parts


if you have a new system like N3 or A3 with third-party gimbal, DO NOT use UGCS

Is this correct?

thank Alexey ...... and I do not hide to be very disappointed

Hi Antonio, 

yes, you are correct. If custom camera connected to N3/A3 autopilot using F1-F8 ports - we can't trigger it.

Do you know other ground station software which can do this? Again, it's not our limitation. It's limitation of DJI SDK.

In theory it is possible to make triggering device connected to autopilot using interface for onboard computer. If somebody will make such device we can implement it's support in UgCS.

At the moment you can use only internal intervalometer in the camera.

Thanks again for Alexey's response,

Yes, I know Pulsekraft or Intelli-G systems. Do you refer to those?

for example using a Pulsekraft system you can work with UGCS?

Now I ask you a question "uncomfortable" because I think you are UGCS staff (if I'm not wrong :-))

I wonder if using the Datalink Pro external interface, the system manages to do the following:

1) work with UGCS by ignoring DJI GSP
2) or by working with DJI GSP you can turn on the famous Shutter Port in PWM

thanks for all the clarifications you can provide me

Thank you for pointing me to Pulsekraft and Intelli-G. 

Out of the box (without modifications) UgCS can't work with these solutions.

But I sent messages to both companies - if they will be interested in integration may be we can do something in future UgCS releases.

I'm CTO of SPH Engineering (developer of UgCS). 

Currently DJI DataLink Pro can be used to transmit RTK GPS corrections from base station to rover only - please refer to documentation - https://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/Datalink_Pro/20170823/DATALINK_PRO_....

It cannot be used for communication between ground station and autopilot.


I seems that we have good news for you. We managed to configure camera trigger with A3, I hope that with N3 will be the same.

1. You need to have latest DJI firmware loaded to all components.

2. In DJI Assistan 2 configure some port as "Shutter". We used F1.

3. Change shutter parameters if it's necessary, but by default they are pretty standard

4. Connect your shutter device to F1 port and test that it works using Shutter button on RC remote controller.

5. After that you can use camera trigger action for waypoints in UgCS:



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