I am currently planning to build a PixHawk powered Phantom. I know this has been done before in some regards, but I wanted to share my process and build as I move forward. Here is the list of parts and links:

My plans for this build are to make it look like a custom DJI Phantom and keep it clean. The Main plate that he sells is a completed power distribution board, an integrated Power Module for the APM/PixHawk, and additional uBEC to power 5V and 12V accessories. 

Below os a stock photo not the one I am building.

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Yes, I used 4s batteries in my setup. Worked fine.

The quality of the Opera plastic is, I hear, very poor. The screw threads do not even stand up to multiple fastenings I have read. Will the Opera main plate fit into a genuine Phantom 2 shell. If it can be made to work that is what i would do.

Also, you may want to look at a Pixracer board. It is smaller and has built in wifi (not yet working for Arducopter but I trust it will soon).

Hello again. I received the plate and my question now is the function of the USB ports. I have seen that are connected between them, but nothing more . a greeting

I'm also planning on one of these. Will a genuine Phantom 2 shell be sufficient? RTFQ doesn't have a helpline...

This build is killing me. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the esc/motor's to respond after arming. Pixhawk is reading the outputs from my taranis correctly, the safety switch is working, the pixhawk is arming, but the motors will not spin up. I've tested each esc with a servo tester and they work fine with the servo tester but when I hook it back up to the pixhawk i get zero response. Please help!!

You'll notice that only two of the servo leads are hooked up to pixhawk for the motors... that's because in frustration i ruined the signal pads on two of the esc's...


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Hi, being me to realize this project too I wanted to know if the pixhawak 2.4.8 is inside the drone .... or it is too big. Thank you

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