Has anyone every connected an APM2.5 to a DJI S800 frame?

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That's the exact setup I've been running. I've only flown it in stabilize mode so far (running 3 6s 5000mah batteries) as I am waiting for an APM 2.5 case right now before trying out the other modes. However, it was very stable for me in stabilize with the default settings.

https://vimeo.com/56610707 here is a flight of mine on the 800.

I'm really interested in this too. I'm looking to buy an s800 for the build quality and lift capacity but I need the open source element of Arducopter. Did you need to do any tuning prior to this video at all? How do you power the APM from the S800? Does it have an integrated PDB or do you have to power the APM separately?



I am setting an s800 clone with apm2.5...could you describe your setup/PID s etc...regards kpc

What's the clone you are getting? Could you send a link?
Yep ...thats the one...they also supplied my f550...excellant quality..kpc

Can you post some pics of your APM installation? The flight looked very smooth.

Here is my S900 Clone setup with apm 2.5 rctimer clone. Next I will be adding FPV.


Thanks for the video...let me know how the fpv setup comes out..kpc

Not much tuning at all. Powered with a small 1500 lipo with http://store.diydrones.com/APM_Power_Module_Dean_Connectors_p/br-ap...

See my video above.


Drone_Savant has graciously taken on the task of supporting possibly defective cloned autopilot products at his website: http://diydronesafety.com/clone-hardware-discussion/



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