Has anyone every connected an APM2.5 to a DJI S800 frame?

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Just ordered a s800 with retracts from rctimer and a APM 2.5 board from 3Dr

Havent found anyone sharing their PID settings for the s800.

Would be nice to have something to start with...

Please post your settings.

Marco Robustini has a s800, but seems that he does not want to share the PIDs....

I have a s800 with apm 2.5 and I am struggling a lot to get correct PIDs... maybe if a lot of us asks... he would be nice enough to help with a basic set of parameters.

For now, Stabilize on me is very iffy and jumpy.

Now i have flown my S800 for 15 flights! It flies wery well with APM 3.0.1

Here is my setup file.

Flies VERY stable! (With 2x6s 5000 and nex cam.)

The compass IS OFF SCALE so don´t use that but PID settings are fine. The RATE_PIT_P and RATE_RLL_P is now 0.164

The alt hold is now perfect without pulsating motors after changing the THR_ACCEL_P to 0.50 

I have ordered an external compass due to much interference when flying. Have done the COMPASSMOT setup but it was way off scale...

Unfortunatley my FrSky receiver glitched heavily yesterday so i crashed!! Now waiting for some new arms and landinggear tube. And a FUTABA Receiver!!


Noticed that you are using the RCTimer 15x5.5 props instead of the DJI S800 props.  I've been trying a variety of 15x5.5 carbon props and testing them for efficiency.  Any insights as to what you think are the best ones?

I have only tested the Rct props an have nothing to compare with.. but they are one millimeter larger than the Dji props so they come in contact (when flying and arms bends up a little) so tips have to be  filed off a tiny bit... 

I bought the RCT s800 and I'm trying to connect it to APM 2.6 with external GPS/MAG but I'm not sure about the polarity from the APM to the board pins, I could notice that you have successfully connected same hardware, could you share please your wiring or if possible please tell me what's the polarity of those pins to connect the APM to the board, because at this point I'm able to arm the motors on the MP but if I raise the throttle nothing happens, so I think I have the outputs bad connected. Thanks

Hello all,

I am planning my next build using the F800R from Rctimer.

What are you guys using for the PMU? The 3DR Power unit is not capable of handling the power, so I guess you are connecting a BEC directly to the APM2.5?

A recommendation would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Ronny,

Where are you getting your spare parts for your S800?



Baught them from RcTimer and also baught two extra arms with ESC:s and two motors and carbon dspacers so now i have one l/h and one r/h plug and play arm if the bad luck should strike again...

Late answer...

Think you already figured this out but someone else might want to know...

The signal is the pins closest to the edge of the f800 frame and the wires connects as below.

APM OUTPUT # 5 to f800 # 1
APM OUTPUT # 3 to f800 # 2
APM OUTPUT # 2 to f800 # 3
APM OUTPUT # 6 to f800 # 4
APM OUTPUT # 4 to f800 # 5
APM OUTPUT # 1 to f800 # 6


I´m using the Attopilot to monitor the motor current and voltage and the APM power module to feed the APM with power.

You will have to remove two middle wires from the APM Power module as on this image to get rid of the volt and current sensing from PM.

And then connect the Attopilot as the instruction here http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-using-a-current-sensor/

This setup works great!

I am planning to use APM on my Q800 frame!

We have a lot of experience with naza and wookong and we are tired of this products, naza it is a big problem with big frames, it is too closed system, we checked (with some accidents) than it have a problem when yaw angular speed don't reach target, it become a full atitude discontrol, it is only a problem with big frames.

I wookong is very expensive and I hope the APM will be the first choice for this frame:


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