Do not order from 3D Robotics - Customer Service lies, repeatedly about stock count and order status

Do not depend on any information given relating to stock count on the 3dr website when ordering.

I placed my second order yesterday, with 27 units in stock, when I didn't receive a tracking number before close of business, I went to look at my order and it was on back order.  Checking the same product page again, it then showed ... 31 units in stock.  W T F?  

This is the second order I've placed and again, the stock count was 'wrong', or more appropriately, a flat out lie.

I sent an email yesterday to support asking for a callback and actual status, after waiting an hour past opening the next day with no response, I called and explained the situation ... in which the CSR told me it was on backorder ... I know that, hence why when I called I asked why my order was on backorder when the website had it listed in stock.  So he goes off to talk to someone else, comes back a while later and can't give me an answer, but asks if he could email me within an hour.  Fine.  Note:  At this point the stock count is listed as 23 items in stock.

Then I get the email, yes, its out of stock ... but it is expected in stock today ...  Sure it is, and the sky is a nice shade of burnt sienna color over their offices as well.

If you search the forums, you'll find the discussion of my previous order problems you'll find that you I have no reason to trust this to be true.  The last time they went so far as to give me a tracking number, and tell me that it was on the truck ... to which FedEx showed that while the tracking number was valid, it was never picked up.  Ever.

It took me took weeks of getting flat out lies from their various departments about my order being in stock, and shipping to back out of stock to in stock and over and over ... two weeks ... until I finally just started posting the story on all the various forums and social media sites they use.

Well, I was the idiot who decided to try another order, I won't make that mistake again, and this post is for your benefit and mine as apparently the only way you get anything done over there is to make it very public.  Chris Anderson seems to spend more time making promotional videos and bragging about the 20 million in investment money he got then he does seeing that his company is ran properly.  He needs to actually work a few days once in a while.  This company is otherwise a joke riding on some open source and the backs of others for publicity and investment funding.  Absolutely despicable.

Before you order, do look around these forums and notice that I'm not the only one having this sort of issue, and 5 hours after bringing this up to them in customer service and being told its a 'glitch in the website' ... it STILL SAYS 23 units in stock.

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so did you get your stuff yet? I placed an order last thurs for an IRIS & got the email from them that it was ready for pu at noon the next day.

Exactly the same happened to me. I asked about the availability of the product to Customer Service and they said that have in stock, so I placed my order. 3 days later I went online to the store to check status and nothing, I asked to Customer Service and they said that's on backorder.
so now they split the order, they shipped the available items only. and maybe in 2 weeks they will send the backordered items for free.

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