does it possible to have a mission planer on android phone and use 3drradio???

now that almost everything is good on apm 2.5 i think it will be perfect to have an option to use android phone screen to have mission planner for example

do you know if there will be this kind of option?

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Ubuntu looks like the best bet as far asactually running the mission planner on your phone, on a slight tangent, I wonder if it would be possible to have a wireless router on a helicopter set up as an access point to then stream video back to the groundstation. along with whatever else you want?? Pi maybe?

Hi, yes I used to run the APM on a little 10.1inch netbook - ran awesomely!

There is a product out there that does this well called the "Cube" from Taradeck in CA:

At almost $2k it's a bit more then I would like to spend. Ive been playing with my new GoPro and it's Android app that allows it to stream video via WiFi. Although it's range is and delay make it impractical to fly a quad on, However I have been looking at the new Verizon LTE Mobile Hotspot's, and it is small enough to easily fit in a bixler.

As far as getting the MP on a tablet, I had planned on buying the MS Surface just for this purpose, but sadly windows RT doesn't allow for outside apps. The new Surface that's coming out sometime this year will have a full fledged version of windows 8, with 1080 resolution and a core I5 processor. And while not exactly as nice or as light as my nexus 10, it would still be an asset in the field.....Perhaps with the same kind of neck strap that we use for our transmitters. Dell is also offering a tablet now that will do the trick, although it doesn't have the power that the new Surface will have.(not that it's needed)

Hi Will,

i am testing a " Telemetry over 3G / Video over 3G ( IP / TCP ) with android " setup.  For Video i used an android mobile and the android app "IP Webcam" and connect with firefox (and the java plugin or browser-buildin of IP Webcam). I was surprised, that the delay was better than expected. So i am very interested, if the latency of LTE is also better.

... best .cjg

I also had set up an openvpn network using a 3G/android for her (field), 3G/linux for vpn server (at home) and 3G/windows for ground station (field), but the latency was crazy ...

... MS Surface: I would prefer a android-tablet solution for MP, but for MS Surface there is a jailbreak out (since a few days), so you could install outside apps now ...

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