I just finished the initial build of my very first arducopter (the Y6 DIY kit)... however, I am unable to get it to arm!

I do not yet have the GPS/Compass as it is backordered, but everything else is installed.

I have successfully calibrated the ESCs, I can see the control sticks input in the Mission Planner and have configured the Frame Type, Accel, and Radio.  However, I cannot get the APM to arm in order to start testing my motor directions.  All the motors turn at the end of ESC calibration.

Any advise?

**EDIT: I  can successfully use the "ARM/DISARM" button in the MP (via the telemetry radio) but the APM disarms itself after several seconds.  I was able to use the short periods of forced arming to get my motors wired correctly... but I still can't arm normally or keep it armed artificially.

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Amos, feel free to join http://www.diydrones.com/group/arducopter-y6-owners-group

Glad it went well!

Do we need to have a gps and a compass or is this one and the same?

I have a Ublox gps, does it have a compass built in?

Hi Graham!  The 3DR uBlox is a GPS and Compass, and should be all you need (I assume you're talking about this: https://store.3drobotics.com/products/3dr-gps-ublox-with-compass)

Thanks I do have a very similar one, that comes with a board and when i plug it in it gives me a gps location.


A GPS and compass combo has 2 sets of wires.

Hello, congrats!!! but for me I have used only GPS and no compass also [ waiting for compass] but after disable failsafe  parameters [ all to zero no.] still won't arm , Blue LED on APM board is solid but the red is flashing

[ unarmed] and on GPS unit solid red and flashing Blu LED. it means GPS is OK .right? My questions to you is how you did it?? I bough this APM2.6 because my Ardupilot 2.5 mega from 3drobotics is kaputt.So I've decided to buy this 2.6 for fun while tryin to fixed 2.5 but forgot to buy compass because 2.5 has compass built in.So if it can arm and I will have fun with it w/o compass for the time being..Please let me know how did you do to make it arm for you. Thanks alot.

Hell,Richard!! I 've disabled all parameters for the failsafe in full parameter or advance para [  forgot now,]  all numbers that associate with failsafe to zero, but still won't arm APM2.6 board has solid Blue LED and RED flashing [unarmed ] and solid green LED at power port and also on GPS board

has solid RED and flashing Blue it m eans GPS is OK. right?

P.S this is APM2.6 and I have GPS only and waiting for compass. I have 2.5 bought from 3drobotics but it will not working right now..Thank you very much.

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