Does the PDB's ESC output current rating matter when choosing an ESC ?

Hi All, 

Bit of a newb to drones and just trying to understand the relationship between the PDB and ESC when buying these components. I can't seem to find a related thread anywhere on the below scenario

In short, I've noticed that some PDB's have specified the output current per ESC (continuous and burst). For example, the Matek mini power hub states 20A continuous (and 25A burst) per output. Most of them don't specify this however

Does this mean that I need to find an ESC that has a higher or equal current rating than these? Such as a 20A or 25A? If so, should I be looking for an ESC to match the specs, or something a little under to keep a safe range?

What will happen if say I use this PDB and connect it to 12A ESC's as an example, will that fry them and the motors?


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The amperage rating on the Power distribution board PDB means how much amps can be drawn from each output. On a PDB it basically means how much amps can flow through each output. Amp ratings on an ESC means how much amps max it may draw to power the motor. 

Oh okay thanks, I think I understand now. I always interpreted this as the PDB feeding current to the ESC. So in terms of purchasing a PDB I need to aim for one that have ESC output ratings that exceed the rating of the ESC, to ensure the ESC can always draw enough current?

Yes, but if you have an esc that can draw a little more than what the PDB is reccomended for youll be fine worse case is the PDB will get a little warm. The esc doesnt pull its rated amps all the time the. the only time you can expect an esc to request all power is under full throttle. if your just hovering around and stuff it will possibly be drawing 10 ish amps maybe, it really depends on more factors like what you'll be doing with the drone, how heavy it is and such. When choosing out esc you initially look at the motor and then determine how much amps is needed to run the motor then you choose esc, then PDB if that makes sense.

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