If you need precise GNSS for your robots then you need RTK. If you don't know much about RTK, you may lose a lot of money (and hair) on weak RTK GNSS systems. I've written a post to show the beginner what they need for a super solid precision RTK GNSS. Included are specific companies and prices -- I've not seen this guide anywhere else.

Here's hoping it saves you time & money!



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What flight controllers working on k501g? Is Pixhawk1 working on k501g?

Hi Roby,

I really enjoyed reading your blog post!

Unfortunately, I also purchased the Piksi, and have not had good experiences with it. And now that both the Piksi and SBP protocol have reached their End-of-Life, I don't think there's much hope for the future. I've since opted to keep things simple by purchasing the Emlid Reach for use with PPK processing, and am looking forward to my first field trials.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for reading!  Few thoughts:

Have you contacted Swift and asked for a refund?  I think you may find you'll be $1000 richer without much headache :)

I was able to do several hours of field testing with the Reach this weekend. It's way better than the Piksi. Hope to test the M8P soon. Anecdotal evidence suggests the M8P should out-perform the M8T with RTKLib (Reach).

Look forward to hearing your results with the Reach.


Roby, I inquired four Chinese companies the price of K501G(K100G for some of them). I asked my Chinese friend in China to do that for me. None of them suggested price you noted. not even close. actually double. Price is almost same as Trimble BD970. How could you buy this at 600-900 USD? Is this real market price? I really appreciate if you let me know how to purchase at your price.

Thanks in advance.


Have you inquired to Andy at ComNav directly?

Keep in mind, if you can't get a good price on the k501g, that you can pick up Unicore's UB352 (GPS/GLONASS L1/L2 20hz) for ~600USD.


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