Hello all !

I'm trying to get some extra safety features on my hexacopter. I've read that you can connect the APM via USB and have the power module at the same time without damaging the board or risking a brownout.

However, what I am trying to find out is if it's safe to power an APM 2.6 with a power module and at the same time power it via USB from a typical 5v battery bank (Like a cell phone backup battery bank).

It might sounds weird.. but I have once lost a drone in a forest. I had lost the rc signal and it flew away. I tried to search it by attempting to connect the AMP via Mavlink to my laptop on mission planner, but I figured out that the battery must have ran out and that the board was not powered anymore. I couldn't find it back, and if I did have a backup battery, I'm sure it would have been different.

Thank you for your helps guys!


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From what I understand APM does not have failsafe when it comes to powering it. Only the pixhawk does this.

Okay thank you Tim! It's good to know..

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