Hi Folks,

I am located in Germany, new here and hope someone can help me with my problem.

I have purchased an Arducopter 3DR Hexa with 880KV motors, APM2 and 30A ESCs

(all parts by Diydrones).

Someone which lives far away has adjusted all PID settings, because I am a beginner

and want first learn to fly before I take care of PID settings. 

Unfortunately, I have updated from 2.5 to 2.6 and now the individual PID settings

are wothless.

Now I want to go back to 2.5, so I have downloaded the Arduino Software and

Arducopter 2.5 Firmware. After loading it, I have  added the following  lines

into APM_Config.h:


Then I have compiled and uploaded it to APM. There was no Error massage.

But it seems that there are additional configurations necessary, because

I can not start the Arducopter, it would immediatley "flip over". Besides, the compass

is turning in MP around.

So can anyone tell me which additional adjustments are necessary?



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connect it to the APM planner and check if all settings are correct, you most likely will have the erase the eeprom and restore to factory settings and then go from there, do you remeber the working PID settings?

Hi Sebastian,

I have saved the working PID settings for 2.5 Version. Can you tell me how to erase the eeprom

and make restore to factory settings?

Regards, Robert

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