Greetings,  this has happened twice:  perfect flight, 6 or 7 minutes in, climb to about 60 feet, suddenly motors dead stop, power gone, drop from the sky with no response from the TX. Hit the ground with heavy damage. In both cases, a couple of strange beeps from my TX preceeded the loss of power. Checked all power connections, seemed fine... all engines failed. Attached is the log for the last flight. (no wireless telem, I am aware there was no gps lock on this flight, copter was 150 ft away from me).


Thanks for any thoughts...


APM 2.9


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So sorry to hear this. Could you check for  a *tlog of this event? They are made regardless of having the telemetry radios.

HERE is how to fetch them.


Thanks for the reply, I understood tlogs are only made with wireless telem.  


Look under the logs subdirectory of Mission Planner. On my machine it is Program Files --> APM Planner -->logs. If the tlog has 0k in it, there is no data. Pick the one with the date of the incident.

Your Throttle Input looks very odd...(from the log above)

The throttle input (from the RX to the APM) should be more continuous.. like the section in the middle of the image.

This is image would be right if you throttled up, then off, then up, then off...etc as the spikes indicate.

When did you last calibrate the APM with your TX?


I calibrate quite often, every couple of times out. The flight was very normal and smooth up until the moment of the power loss. The beeps from the Tx are disturbing, I wonder if there is some connection ( or lack there of!).

What TX/RX are you using?

My Spektrum DX6i will beep at me if I have set the timer to run. The beep occurs at an interval (I don't remember what interval).

If the screen grab posted above is actually from your crash flight, it does not indicate a long flight or even a continuous throttle input. Here is one from one of my quad flights:

Notice the X axis length.From about 800 to 2800 is the throttle input -- continuous -- from the RX to the APM. Your posted log file has nothing close. The mystery is how it could be in the air for the time you mention with the throttle inputs graphed. The short spike at the end is after I landed and then bumped the throttle up to confirm the battery was exhausted.

Check your lower power wiring for something sketchy.


I am using the Frsky WFT09. Yuu're right, something wrong with my graph. I was sure I downloaded the right one because it was the last fatal flight. Ill check again tonight. Thanks for the thoughts


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