When my quadcopter is staying on a level surface I noticed that sometimes yaw angle is drifting, say about -0.1 degrees per second.  I have a HMC 5843 magnetometer attached to oilpan by a 3.3V to 5V I2C translator (my HMC 5843 board does not have a built-in 3.3V regulator). Latest Arducopter software (r75) is loaded to the board.

What may cause this drift?

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Just an artifact of alpha software. By the time ArduCopter is released commercially (end Sept?) this will be fixed.
I would like to inform a possible cause of erratic behavior for quad copter. Today me and my friend was testing the quadcopter we observed that yaw drift is causing front and back motors to throttle more than your commands. This results in sudden elevation of the quadcopter.

Luckily our quadcopter was tied by thin ropes from arms that allow only a limited movement.

I recommend a ground check before flight without propellers and observe that throttle of front and back motors are not grater than right and left motors (or the opposite).

Best regards

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