Hi guys !!
I must modify my settings in my Mission Planner and APM 2.5.
When I´m working, the COM3 disappear from my Misson Planner; I went to "Control Panel" and "Dispositive" and I saw that "Arduino Mega 2560" was with a "yellow signal" ! Ok, I remove the driver and install again, using the driver in a folder "Drives" from Mission Planner and, it appear they install with the same yellow signal with a message "Code 10" !! I try do modify it installing a lot divers that I have download in internet and, all that I get it´s the same situation !
Anybody here have this problem ? What did you do to resolve it ?
My Windows is 7 professional
My Mission Planner is the last stable version
My APM is 2.5


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Hi, not much help sorry but I have Win 7 Ultimate and the driver works okay.

Thank you  Soren Kuula.

In the same notebook works for a 5 months. Now, they don´t work !

Do you have VirtualBox installed on that? I sometimes suspect that it messes things up.

I'm planning to get rid of Windows altogether, maybe you want to join me? :)

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