Aloha from Hawaii,

I try to upgrade my Quadcopter in order to scope with the permanent strong wind conditions we have in Hawaii, and at the same time stabilize the flight to improve video quality.

Even as the APM will correct for wind in LOITER, I assume it's reducing efficiency as not all props are running at equal speed and some energy is used for forward movement instead of lift.

One idea we came up was having a vertical propeller attached that is pulling in one direction (against the wind) constantly with a separate small LiPo. Assuming a stable wind direction and steering the drone in SIMPLE Mode, this could stabilize flight and increase endurance at the same time, I assume.

It would be great to hear if anyone came up with a similar concept.


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Hi Rolf,

Will adding another motor and battery increase your overall efficiency?

The problem is that I'm not sure about, and don't find any literature about either.

In general, I assume that horizontal fixed props are much less efficient in moving the quad forward compared to horizontal props.

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