Drone for use in agriculture and search and rescue

First post here on this forum. I'm writing to you from Serbia.  I have an opportunity to  enroll in project funding here in Serbia for innovative projects. I wanted to introduce agricultural and search and rescue UAV's in Serbia mainly for improving agriculture and introducing some useful aspects of UAV technology to Civil defense and general public as well since this is unheard of here. 
Could you tell me about some of the rtf options you know about that might be able to do the job similar to Aerial Insight multi drone they have or something alike.It would be nice if producers are from Europe since I would need to go do some training before starting to use it. 
 I would need NIR Imaging , gps, live video as well as manager in order to program flights and stitch photos together in order to analyze crop irrigation, disease and other factors that might improve optimal usage of resources in agriculture.
I read before in one of the posts that someone mentioned   a commercial agricultural UAV being developed in Poland. Does anyone know of this drone and if yes could you give me more detail. 
Thank you all very much !

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