Hey Guys, 

I have a drone hire website that I have been working on for over 8 months--I just completed it. www.DroneTrades.com is a drone hire and buy/sell used and new drone site. It is free for anyone to create an account. Please support me and create an account. also spread the word. 

Your feedback is very important to me, please let me know if it needs any fixes. 



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Hi Zack,

It's a nicely designed site. I presumed that you are in the US, but there is nothing obvious I could see to say which country the service is for.


Looks like a sweet website

I'm kind of a fickler for english language, I might reccomend changing the title page:

"Find a great drone pros you can trust", to "find a great drone pro you can trust", or "find great drone pros you can trust"

Otherwise looks great!

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