I've built a drone (quadcopter) with Pixhawk as its flight controller. I want to navigate this drone indoors where GPS signals are absent. I came across a few methods but I couldn't find out how to do it.
1. Camera, laser scanner, IMU (simultaneous localization and mapping)
The link above is a research paper where they've beautifully explained how they've done indoor navigation using camera, laser scanner and IMU. But they haven't explained how they did it. I also searched many pages for similar information. People have explained the concept but not how they did it.

I am just a beginner. Built my first drone. Took me 3 month to read about every part, assemble the drone, fix numerous issues and then finally fly it. So with limited information i cant do much. So i am trying to look for step by step instructions.

2. 4 stationary modules on the wall and one mobile module on the drone
Here, they have explained the technology and how the technology works. They've even explained the installation. But they haven't mentioned how to mount it on the drone, how to integrate this 'mobile module' and the drone.

The above links describe different methods by which indoor navigation can be done.

It would be great if someone could share some links which have step by step instructions to make a drone that can navigate indoors (preferably the first two methods)


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Here is the first draft of the Indoor "GPS" to Pixhawk integration:


Karthik Desai said:

Hi @Marvelmind

I was planning to buy this for my Rover for Indoor Navigation. The rover is based on ardupilot and the board is a pixhawk. I saw on your website that you have interfaced this with pixhawk. Are there any specific instructions on how to do so?

Thank you!

Nicely done! Thanks for sharing

Thank you, Chris.

For those, who have Indoor "GPS", please, share your results and feedback. The integration with Pixhawk works well in our environment. Hopefully, it will work as well in yours.


Thank you !! Ordering it soon :-) Will post updates regarding this after integrating with my rover

We recently published some updates on ROS support:

http://marvelmind.com/#Interfaces =>

ROS support on Raspberry 2 and Raspberry 3:

Marvelmind ROS package - bitbucket link.

Marvelmind ROS package v1.0.6 compatibility and main changes:

  • Supports both millimeters and cantimeters (obsolete) formats of data
  • Supports hedgehog address in data stream. Can receive positions of multiple hedgehogs from modem
  • Supports receiving positions of stationary beacons
  • Supported ROS versions:
    • Kinetic for Ubuntu 16.04
    • Indigo for Ubuntu 14.04
    • Hydro for Ubuntu 12.04

Please, check the instructions on ROS integration.

And we published some new demos:

Here are a couple of new demos:

Additionally: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4O_kJBQrKC-NCgidS_4N7g/videos

Love this! I've got a Marvelmind setup and find it much better than the Pozyx solution. Better demos and integration into drone/rover stacks, too. 

Thank you, Chris, for encouraging words! :-)

Chris and other colleagues, who already have our system, please, share even more on your experience with Marvelmind Indoor "GPS" and we will enrich the functionality of the system further and improve what must be improved.

Hi. Anyone here using pozyx as indoor GPS for drone? ;)

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