Hey guys,

Just wanted to introduce a new drone with 1 hour flight time: https://turncircles.com/products/drones-quadcopter-TC411

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If you want to share some technical details please do. I'm very curious :)

I don't know what to say Tommy. The reality is that I don't feel like anymore to share anything after some comments in this forum. But then I'm afraid again people will tell "yeah yeah, of course you don't want it..."

Let me first publish the video... it's not rocket science anyway :D

Ok I understand :)


The 58 minute flight is interesting. Post the video

Maybe Kaan has access to Li-S Batteries?

I think if you post the video of 58 minutes of flight you might gain some credibility.

@Haydar, unfortunately not. I've waited with big hopes but it never came commercially available from my sources. Not only because of their high power-to-weight ratio; but also because of the safety features...

This is currently my favorite: http://kokam.com/ but too expensive...

@Marc, the video became my raison d'etre :) It will come...


Is the video still coming, I figured it was a simple upload. Also is the landing gear mounted on a gimbal like the Aergion? 

Hi Andrew,

Once I make the video I will upload it on our youtube channel. I will keep you informed.

Aergion is pretty nice! Similar 3 leg design is what my partner is for. I, on the other hand, prefer Yuneec Q500 style.

Gimbal fixes the landing gear. You can get an idea here: http://www.drone-berlin.de/gallery_slide/p32.jpg

What you see below is the socket connection. Then comes the landing gear and you can attach the gimbal that at the same time fixes the landing gear...

From everyone's frame of experience with currently available motor and battery tech..claims of 1 hour durations will always come across as fairy tales.  Now the fact that this company is developing Halbach Array motors ...that is an entirely different beast and could very well change what we all think a 1 hr duration quad is supposed to look like as this type of motor blows away conventional brushless designs as far as energy density and efficiency goes.

I for one am eager to see what a Halbach style multirotor motor can do!

@ Kaan

I'm still looking forward to her video

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