Hi all

Im trying to get my dronecell up and running.

i have connected the cell through TX0/RX0 Ardunio 2560. Serial connections is working.

It respons to my AT command, but during startup it throwing CPIN NOT DETECTED.

I belive it not sensing the sim card.



+CFUN: 1



Tryed to remove the sim pin, and also with diffrent working sim cards. 

Also tryed with several diffrent power supply.

I measured the SIM_VDD with my fluke, and during startup i got 1,1v. 

However im not sure if my voltmeter is able to sense the peak correctly, due to short periode of time the VDD is powered.

It should be 1,8v / 3,0v / 5..0v depends on wich sim card im using.

Im using the latest Firm..

Any help would be great. 

Im running out of options.....



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I'm no expert either - but I'm having the same issue. I'm now powering the Dronecell via an ESC. I have a thought it is to do with the gate closing and making a connection when the sim is inserted - in fact during fiddling with this I managed to startup and get :


but haven't managed to reproduce this again :(

Keep at it an let me know how you get on....



Hey Guys,

i have 2 drone cell boards and have exactly the same problem have tried with 4 different operator sim cards with no luck at all, i have contacted the manufacturer narobo no answer from them either 

Good to hear from you Marc

This issue must be either a manufacturing fault or similar.

Have we let the honchos at DIYDrones / the store know? 

They've always been super helpful in the past.


hey malcolm,

i have sent a message to chris to see if he has heard any problems, i will let diydrones know as well its friggin frustrating have spent hours on this :)

thanks marc

damn right

could this be a UK thing?

Hello Malcolm,

no its not a friend of mine bought this board a month before me and its working fine, looks like it could be a bad batch, did you get yours recently?

Ohh man am I glad I found this thread. I have been trying to figure this out for two months now. I sent my old dronecell back for testing, and after a month and a half, they just sent me a new one. I'm playing with it now. Still no sim card detected. I tried talking to ERIC FORKOSH, don't waste your time. After many emails, just a one liner response saying nothing useful.


had a word with 3drobotics, looks like its a bad batch so looks like they are being sent back lets hope the replacements arent duff as well

Thank you, I don't know about you guys, but I"m done messing with this dronecell. I'm going to go with one of these, they are cheaper.: http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/gprsgsm-moduleefcom-pro-p-450.html


I bought this one: http://www.elecfreaks.com/store/gprsgsm-shield-efcom-p-415.html

It is working perfect. no problem. :)


Have u disabled the pin code query with cellphone before inserting the sim to dronecell?

Are you talking about diabling the sim detection? What specific AT code are you referring to?

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