Drones also banned from public parks? (CA Bay area, San Jose)

Hi All,

I tried to figure it out if the drones are banned out from all type of parks in the SF Bay area (CA) or just from national parks. (All the articles are talking about the disturbance of the wild life... well :) not so much in San Jose) 

Anybody from the area knows some place where it's legal to fly somewhere around San Jose? 

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I am struggling with the same issue in San Francisco. I was flying my quad at Crissy Fields yesterday (a gorgeous day with no wind and the park completely empty) when a police agent kindly asked me to land.

I checked http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/air-space-map/ and Golden Gate park is not listed.

Is it legal to fly there? Any other option in SF?

I would also love to meet other people and fly together. 


I see Golden Gate park just north of Presidio on the KB4UF map.  I think it's a good resource but it may be giving a bit of a false impression regarding the real aviation activity in a given area.  E.g. It makes it seem I can fly a few blocks away from SFO and all is good as long I call and inform them of my recreational activity.  Meanwhile, I would be operating in Class B airspace with all kinds of special VFR flyways for helicopters and GA aircraft.  In short, what I would hope most of us here would consider a really bad idea.

I think meeting other people and flying together is your best bet.  That's really what has driven the AMA, so no secret.  It used to be much harder to build and operate an R/C aircraft, so you really needed to join a group of people who had some experience if you had any hope of not using a trash bag to pick up a winters worth of gluing balsa together after a short 30 second "flight".  Ask me how I know.  None of it is particularly hard.  There is just a bunch of info to take into account before, during and after flying.  Likely much easier to handle with a well informed group of flying friends.    

I think Chrissy field is a National Park?  

Treasure Island is a landfill, so is Ceaser Chavez park and Bedwell.   I signed up for the fly day in Berkeley on the 8th.  

Deleted idiotic posts; trying again.

Is anyone familiar with what's going on at DJI? It just looks over the top if true.


Discussion at DJI forum here: http://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=38482&fro...

Now may I ask how safe is our privacy with Solo and is 3DR planning on similar actions as DJI is apparently going to include the above in future firmware updates? 

If you choose to fly in a controlled zone you will be also be asked to be accountable for that. Seems fair to me. As for privacy, well I think it's a bit late for that.

Do you have another solution that you can offer to prevent people from flying where they shouldn't?

How about prosecuting those that actually commit a real crime? 

This just shows the desperation by government bureaucrats to convince us our Constitutional Rights in the name of "safety" is negotiable.

And no, the FAA doesn't get to make up any new law it feels like. This registration thing was supposed be the "final solution"; so easy, just click on the button, give FAA your personal information and cc#. That's it. All you sheeple that did this without question and said it was no big deal. Ha!

Why stop with toys?

The question still stands. Is 3DR going to follow suit and provide Big Brother my personal information including cc# upon request?


Did you not read the DJI quote? They are going to track your every flight and have your personal information available  upon request by "law enforcement", including your cc#.

Of course coming from a Chinese company it's no surprise they could care less about freedom, privacy and one single aspect of individual Rights such as due process, unwarranted search and seizures etc.

Your first mistake is assuming the USA is more 'free' than China..  I'm afraid it's the opposite, for most personal (non political) things. 

I won't go to prison for having a Bible study or attending the church of my choice and I can still criticize the government without much fear so although we have less freedom as time goes on, to compare with China is a bit of a stretch.Yet I can be bankrupted by violating draconian rules designed to make me afraid to use my flying robot toys as all it will take is a jerk neighbor to call the cops and get me "investigated". 

Few seem to care that much about government/private industry surveillance here, but it's a hot topic at RCG.

I don't see the value of all these new tech advancements if we can't use them, such as autonomous flight. Basically if you have GPS, you have a bullseye on your back.   

It would behoove 3DR to get involved in the discussion concerning what DJI is doing. If this is going to be the standard, we model aircraft hobbyists may as well quit flying. I returned my Solo twice now, the second time because of the registration and suspicion of it being more than just putting our name in a database.

As DJI is the undisputed market leader in the sales of "drones", 3DR must know something and should be communicating to the public their intentions concerning this unprecedented collection of flight data to be made available to law enforcement upon their request. As for me, I am not spending one more dime until such time 3DR engages and informs us of their intentions in all this.

DJI is bowing to the FAA. Will 3DR do the same.

so DG, how's that 'war on drugs' working out for you?, upset over the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage are ya?

Yeah, that's what I thought.  Everybody wants their own laws, eh.

It's simple. We have a Constitution, within which enumerates separation of powers stating the president nor his cabinet members can make law. Nor can the Supreme Court.

You like that they do don't ya?  We're now transforming into a banana Republic. You know, all that hope and change and "fundamentally transforming America"....stuff like that. Great isn't it?

Instead of brown shirts, they wear suits and ties.


You failed at Constitutional law.  And you make no sense.

And, yeah, America was fundamentally transformed when it elected it's first Black president.  You still can't accept that?, too bad.

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